Young & Free

What is it to be young? To be free as a bird and fly wherever we want to. To be able to go through all highs and lows on our own. A time when you are too old to rely on your parents but too young to settle down with your own family.

It is a phase when we have the freedom to either make or break everything. But whatever happens, we take the experience and learning with ourselves. All the happy moments of going on a trip with friends and all the pain of fighting with them and ending up alone.

This freedom we always undermine. This is exactly the time when we have the ability to sail our boat in any direction we want; no matter there is a storm or it is a smooth sail.

The era we live in has allowed us to open our wings and soar through the sky. It is up to us whether we run wild and make the best of it or sit back and wait for a miracle.

Know that you can’t fly unless you let yourself fall. So step out of the periphery of security and open your wings. You may hit the ground once or twice….. but don’t let it take away the young and hopeful spirit of yours. Every leap would give you some of the learning and there will be a moment when you actually fly beyond the rough clouds.
And when you reach there, all you gonna do is look back and laugh on how you thought you couldn’t do this. Then you will talk to others what it is to be young and go through all the happy, sad and mad moments to remember it forever.

Live a life so you recall the crazy things you did, rather than regretting the things you could have done, but didn’t.

It is all about now. You either die waiting for the perfect moment or take the moment and make it perfect.

Now that I have talked about how it is to be young and free, let’s talk about the outfit. This look is inspired by the young and free soul. An off-shoulder top and skater skirt are the best matches for the summer look. Off- Shoulder/Cold shoulder are in for this season. Wear it with your favorite denim or flared pants, it goes well with anything and everything. Add up one or more choker to the off-shoulder top and it will take your fashion quotient to another level. You can DIY chokers in a ton of ways, let me know in the comment section below if you want me to do a DIY post on that.

Thank you for stopping by!

Live a life that you will cherish forever ♥

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  1. On my last ship with Shell I read on some poster, ‘Unless you spread your wings you will never know how far you can fly’. I quit sailing in 2012. It has been one hell of a flight since then but life deserves it. Life deserves to have dreams and dreams deserve to be painful.

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