What is Beauty?

Beauty is not what our eyes see, it is what our eyes don’t see.

It is not what our brain doesn’t perceive, it is what our heart doesn’t feel.

It is not what we see outside, it is what we neglect inside.

We rush, run around, see faces- happy, sad, loving, crying, laughing, dying.

We don’t sit down, slow down, and feel the air.

We try to make a living while forgetting how to live.

We are not living legends, we are the walking dead.

We have intellect to decipher any natural phenomenon. But we can’t calm the storm raging inside ourselves.



Look Around.

Save this gift of nature, the beauty that is dying INSIDE you, because of you.

All the money, fame, appreciation, care, pride, everything will burn to ashes on the pyre with you.

Better start living right now, so you don’t have to regret on your deathbed the moments you didn’t live because you were to busy trying to exist.

To rejuvenate this perishing beauty, all you need to do is do what makes you happy & make others happy as well.

“Money doesn’t multiply when you divide it, but happiness does,”



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