5 Travel Movies To Inspire Wanderlust

I don’t really need movies to inspire wanderlust in me. But, there are times when a good flick is required to lift my mood. Because for me, to watch a 120-minute something drama is to enter into a world created by someone else.

Though the list of my favourite movies is endless but the top 5, in no particular order, are as below –

Into The Wild

Maybe a cliched choice, but who can deny falling for this movie? Music, Acting, Cinematography, Direction – everything is perfect! How well I connect with this work of art can’t be expressed. I kind of resonate with the storyline too. I may not have eluded the society, but I have cut the strings of materialism to some extent, thanks to mountains.

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

One of the best Bollywood movies ever, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara shows how, unknowingly, we leave our dear ones and our desires far behind to ‘find’ happiness. But, in the end, we realize happiness is when we are around people we love and who love us back, when we are free to follow our heart, when we do things that scare us the most, when we don’t just exist but live!! It always motivates me to pack my bag and hit the road.. kyunki dilon mein apne betaabiyan le ka chal rahe ho, to zinda ho tum 🙂


You must be wondering how this movie inspires me to travel, right? Well, this science fiction brings such lucid images of the world unknown that my desire to see more and do more just kicks in! The very thought that black hole exists and there might be millions of planets to explore, billions of miles to see excites me. Possibilities of me going into space are negligible and that motivates me to at least capture the beauty of Earth, the planet I call my home.


Shot on my ever-favourite Hindustan-Tibetan Highway, this movie captivates me not only with the views but also with the storyline. How she holds back secrets, try to adjust to the ways of her family and then, by one mistake, she lives the life she never knew she craved for. She lost her way but found herself. Just love this movie!


Ah! Everest is THE BEST movie! Who in the world wouldn’t want to be atop Mt.Everest? Won’t deny, I dream of raising the Indian Flag at 8,848m too. But this movie, it brings you not an inch but kms closer to reality. It tells that one comes across numerous hardships while scaling the mountain. You’ll feel alive even if you won’t be able to breathe. The thrill, the risk, humanity, luck, hardship, life, death! Such movies should be produced more than often so we may feel the adventure and also the reality.

The list isn’t of ‘just’ the movies I like. There are others like Wild, Tracks, 127 Hours and many more! Tell me in the comment section if you wish to read a blog about all the best travel movies. Also, help me diversify my taste in movies by sharing the ones you like most.

Until next time, keep wandering!

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