Things I Have Learned In Lockdown

‘Nature knows its way to heal’

Lockdown for more than 60 days. Yes, it’s been over two months now that we all have been inside our homes. Some are stuck somewhere they can’t call home, some are happy being home, some have nowhere to go, some have nothing to eat too.

But, but, most of us sitting online are privileged enough to be able to afford a basic living at least. Yet, I am sure a lot of you have been struggling mentally and emotionally with reasons better known to you. I struggled for nearly 3 weeks, initially.

To explain better, the longest I’ve ever stayed in a concrete place (like currently) is not more than a week in last 2.5 years. Because I belong to the wilderness, to the mountains.

I literally struggled in the very first week, with my phone that was sent for repairs, my dad stuck in Bangalore, a lot of projects got cancelled, I was missing home and my dogs, worried about the future and of course, finances.

The next week was spent dealing with anxiety. Despite all odds, I tried to pull myself again to the right track; with patience and dedication.

Here are some of the things that have helped me cope up during lockdown; mental health is a priority, always!

⭐️Start loving yourself ⭐️

Love yourself for who you are, regardless of what people want you to be or you want to become (influenced by someone else’s lifestyle).

Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself; you are amazing just the way you are! It may look funny initially but after you feel its great effects, you will get comfortable.

⭐️Write your Journal every day ⭐️

Write all your ups and downs, make your diary your friend. Letting out your emotions is probably the greatest thing to do each day as to not let the bad moments affect you.


I can’t emphasis enough on this! Even if it is for 5 minutes. Try and calm your mind, know that your intention here matters the most.

It is a slow process. Be patient. Sit straight in any comfortable position (cross-legged preferably) and take 7 deep breaths. Let your body and mind feel. The thoughts will definitely appear, you must not force them to stop, let them flow. Try to do it every single day until it becomes a habit.

⭐️ Yoga or any exercise ⭐️

Take up a 30-min yoga/power yoga session every day (Youtube has many many!).

We all are stuck at home hence physical movement is restricted, resulting in a lot of health issues automatically. The best way to keep your body and mind aligned is to keep a habit of exercising.

Any kind is great. Yoga, Dancing, Zumba, Pilates, do anything. 30-min. Everyday!

⭐️ To-do lists⭐️

I personally love doing it with the smallest things I wish to achieve every single day.

I believe that we usually tend to forget the little things amidst the daily chores and even if we don’t forget, it doesn’t really give you a sense of accomplishment unless you write them and tick them off!

It becomes a routine after a few weeks and it helps in the long run, trust me. Set long term weekly/monthly goals, daily work to be done, or anything that suits you.

Take up a new or lost passion, learn ukelele before this ends or sketching a face every day until this ends. Do what you love. Make a routine to accomplish.

⭐️ Hold on tight ⭐️

Don’t let the bad days take over.

I need to learn this myself but, trust me, remember to remind yourself your worth. Let the emotions flow, be it writing down everything and flushing/burning it, crying into your pillow, speaking your heart to a friend, or maybe just listening to your favourite songs until you breathe fine again.

Do anything that helps, but don’t give up. The time is hard, I know. I am also struggling despite that, we also know that this isn’t permanent right? We need to understand this will pass and we all will rise again. Give love to yourself right now, you need it the most 🙂

I hope this helps at least a single soul in coping up in this hard time. Let me know what you’re doing to keep yourself engaged during the lockdown? 

Love, Prakriti


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