Su Pinsa: A budget-friendly hotel in the centre of Itanagar

Capital of Arunachal Pradesh, Itanagar, is no doubt slower than a metropolis but thrives well as a city. From bustling markets to over-crowded taxis and bus stands, it is the centre-point to all other destinations of Arunachal.

And I hope you know how tough it is to find a budget-friendly option in the central market of such a city. But thankfully, I found Su Pinsa; a comfortable, cosy and easy on the pocket hotel which is in the heart of the city. Read on to know my experience.

View from Hotel Su Pinsa Itanagar
View from Hotel Su Pinsa, Itanagar


I entered Su Pinsa on a whim and found a spacious reception desk. I started anticipating how I’ll exit if the rates would be too high.

But to my relief, the receptionist smiled and told me the minimalist rates. A room costs INR 1800 per night which is cheap, compared to the average rate in North East.

Hotel Room - Su Pinsa
Rooms at the Hotel

The room was neat, commodious and welcoming. I was unable to digest the fact that it actually is fitting my budget!

And to my satisfaction, there were 2 single beds instead of a double bed, providing personal space if travelling in a group.


You can notice in the images how clean and hygienic my room was. I vouch for the good hygiene of toilets, bathroom and the hotel alike.

Hygiene of Su Pinsa Hotel, Itanagar
Neatness of the Hotel gets a 10/10!

There were no flies to bring down my good mood. The fragrance was merry and all the essentials; towels, bed sheet, pillow cover, blankets – all were tidy.


No matter how much I praise about the satiable food of Su Pinsa, it won’t be enough.

First of all, the hotel could provide for a vegetarian meal which is rare in North-East. Second of all, oh the taste! I ordered Thupka and such authentic Tibetan taste it had! I certainly am falling short of words to describe the admiration I have in my heart.

Food at Su Pinsa
Delicious Food of Su Pinsa

You can understand what I am trying to say only when you visit the hotel and savour the meals they have to offer.


Staff of Su Pinsa is polite, helpful and considerate. Everyone, from cleaners to the manager were exceptionally kind and homely to me.

Hotel Su Pinsa
Kind enough to click my picture too 😛

No matter what I asked for, I got it with a smile adoring the faces of the staff members.


As mentioned above, the hotel is in the centre of Itanagar. So, the view offers a 180-degree panorama of the city. You spot the market, the residential houses with mountains in the backdrop.

View from the Hotel Room
Room View from Hotel Su Pinsa


Apart from good room service and cable t.v there is free wi-fi, fully air-conditioned rooms, Toiletries (including toothbrush, medi kit, comb, shoe shiner), a roof-top restaurant and 24-hr reception desk.

With all the amenities and services provided by Su Pinsa in mind, I’d rate it 9/10. Probably one of the best hotels in Itanagar!

If you wish to book a stay at Su Pinsa, call at 08257960836 or visit their official page.

Do mention my blog landed you there, yeah? 😉

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