Some good-byes aren’t easy!

So now it is ending!
I have no place left in my itinerary. It is time to go back to the world of commoners, to run after everything just to end up catching nothing. To be in a world where no one’s existence matters and where we aren’t free to be ourselves in order to be accepted by others.
We know we all are in a dark space and we are all dreaming to shine like a star one day, only refusing to burn like one in order to illuminate our light.

It is said that a spark is enough to ignite the fire, but don’t you think we all miss that spark?
The uniqueness of every individual drowned in the pool of mediocrity.


Only rare ones follow their heart;

paving their way to happiness, not success;
walking the road they want, not what others want them to;
free from materialism, not following mundane;
wanting to be a better version of themselves every passing day;
coming out of their comfort zone, unfollowing the customary.


And the thrust of wind and roughness of these mountains reminded me what I am.
Not a girl who prefers the comfort of air conditioner over sun piercing through her skin.
The reason I am here on this unpaved road is that I don’t want to be in a Ferrari speeding down an expressway which would be thrilling, the reason being the speed but I won’t roll down the windows, sacrificing my happiness for the thrill.


Here, letting myself feel timid in front of these deserted mountains is what gives me a reason to be happy.
Detached from the world, in a place unknown to many.
I would love to walk every inch of this land barefoot, letting the mud and dirt be on my skin.
I would love to immerse myself in the wildness I am made up of.
Here, in this river, I will let myself drown which will give me wings to fly. Sheer happiness being a part of nature lets me defy the fear of transiency in this world.

I sure am bidding adieu to this place so I can see my parents but I promise to the soaring blow of wind, the bright sun, the tiny fractals of rocks and bareness of it all that I will come back to you very soon.


Though we were on our way to Manali, but my mind was traveling back to Spiti and the vivid terrain it has unfolded to me.
The spell was broken by the sound of raging river. We were crossing Chatru and it was completely different from what we saw a week before. The water level has risen because of rain and water logging in our way multiplied. Clouds covered the Himalayan ranges far away and those which were visible were snow-capped.

Rohtang La was unrecognizable. The meandering roads covered with pine trees on both sides then were now opaque with mist. A road was replaced by clouds and they carried us from the altitude of 13,050 ft to 6,720 ft in a couple of hours which felt like merely some minutes. The remote valley replaced by crowded mall road. The silence was broken and fresh air gone with the purity of nature. Only serenity was provided by the fusion of river and mountains. Rain has made this place beautifully untidy and dangerous. Mist tracing the flow of Beas river.

Finally, boarded a bus to Delhi. Even in sleep, I felt I am still in Spiti, waking up in every few hour only to find myself in a bus to Delhi.

It has been a couple of months and I am still hanging on the hangover of the paradise. Every time I feel stressed, tensed, worn out, tired, sick of life or any other emotion reflecting negativity; I escape into memories of Spiti.


Walking down the memory lane I find myself amazed by the journey. I don’t feel overwhelmed at the thought of walking to this skewed place, I just feel happy about the fact that I was able to witness a beautiful place like this.

There are more place I am looking forward to exploring, more risks I am willing to take, more challenges I am ready to accept, more ‘less traveled’ trails I wish to walk on.

And this desire to do more is all credited to Spiti.

Keep wandering; Keep wondering!


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