She is Life ~ Happy Women’s Day

“Life is all about her. Life is because of her. “

Woman, as a being and as a word, are hard to define.

Who is she? (Click)

So enigmatic and charismatic, she is a force who drives the world.

So strong and powerful to carry a child in her womb for 9 months.

God couldn’t have made any other creature more responsible, loving, caring and beautiful.

She comprise all the good and the bad.

She is tender and full of rage, depending on how you treat her.

She compromise, when she needs to, and raise her voice against the wrong when she must.

She is the most purest entity on our planet.

A woman plays several roles and exhibit diverse qualities throughout her life -as mother , as life partner, as sister, as daughter, as friend & of course a source of inspiration.

Every year on 8th March, we celebrate this day to honor her for social, economic, cultural and political achievements.

World has ample of women who have shown their capabilities.

  • Rani Laxmi Bai– Known for her bravery, patriotism & honor.
  • Malala Yousafzai– Youngest Noble Prize for Peace Winner
  • Mother Teresa– An Epitome of Kindness
  • Queen Elizabeth II– Known for her glory and power.
  • Oprah Winfrey– One of the most powerful women in the world.

They are known because they rose against the odds.

Every woman has the ability to change the world.

Embrace your beauty, know yourself and believe in your strength.


Talking about the look I’ve created, it is for the woman who is young , experimental and carefree. I’m wearing Harem Pants, A crop top & A sheer cape. Harem Pants are the highlight of this look because they are billowy and bold. Some may be hesitant to wear such pants but let me tell you, they look chic and sexy if put together correctly.

3 tips to rock Harem pants next time;

  1. Wear a crop top. Crop tops give harem pants all the attention and focus on waist, which is the key to successfully wear such bold pants. You can also try on structured blazers, sheer capes or even basic tees and tuck it inside to accentuate waist line.
  2. Wear on different occasions. Harems can be worn anywhere and everywhere whether it is college, party or work. Going to college? Wear these pants with a tank top and flats. Want to party tonight? Wear them with a quirky crop top, earrings, matching peep toes and a clutch. Don’t over accessorize it. And for work? Choose bold colored Harem pants not patterns and pair it up with a silk top or shirt and tuck it in or tie a waist belt around the waist to give a structured look.
  3. Picking the shoes. Wear flats, heels or boots; make sure you keep the occasion in mind. Harem Pants looks good with any shoes.

Harem Pants : Janpath ; Crop Top : TopShop ; Cape : Sarojini Nagar ; Flats : SSS

I hope you love the post as much as i do. Don’t forget to share how you like it and if you ever recreate this look send me picture  on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat @itisinthename

“Happy International Women’s Day”

♥ You have got everything to take the world in your stride ♥

Until next post!

Love, प्रकृति

Women's day




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