Postcards from Spiti Valley

How often do you feel alive?

Almost two month since I came back from Spiti; and I still can’t believe my eyes off. Walking down the memory lane, loving everything I felt & experienced. Living a dream is special; but Spiti to me is on some other level. Just being there was enough of all that the weather be icing on the top, it didn’t mess up throughout the trip. Clear sky; cotton like clouds in daylight and superficial galaxies every night.

Prayer flags breaking the silence into pieces!
What if this was you?

With larger than life barren mountains, the silence of eternity, the Spiti river accompanying throughout the journey, fluttering player flags making the most surreal sound, jovial people of the valley and preserved culture from thousands of years; everything seemed so unreal. As my heart was admiring the beauty of the landscapes; my mind couldn’t believe my eyes rather stopped working.

Isn’t that out of the world?
This is living!
I  left my heart in the middle of somewhere there.

The wind; so fresh and energizing; while my body required acclimatisation at thousands of feets but the wind kept my heart engaged and never let me be low-spirited. I traveled from villages to villages with each passing day, setting up camp every night, experiencing different traditions, meeting new people, trying new dishes, soaking my soul in Spiti river(it was one hell experience), finding serenity in Gompas intact for thousand of years, watching Spiti river following me or maybe I was! and just being on the road to nowhere but everywhere.

Key Gompa, Spiti
Langza (Fossil Village), Spiti
Dhankar Gompa, Spiti

And the mysteries of mountains; beholds my heart and my mind. Telling me stories of an untouched paradise, caressing me with the wind passing by, making me wonder with every sight and leaving me curious till another life.

The wilderness is the beauty of what you see in this frame!
The art of precision @ Komic Gompa, Spiti
Do you feel the stillness of nothingness?

And the roads of this barren land gives the feel of a roller coaster ride with dream-like 360º view. Snaky and bumpy; grooving off-road with hope of no end. From one mountain to the other; from height to some more height; it kept getting beautiful as ever.

~Door to heaven~
Look at those cars; tiny as toys!
@the terrace of Key Gompa, Spiti
Peace of Mind!
@ Chandertaal Lake
This; the key to serenity.

I have completed this trip in the shortest time possible (blogged everyday in detail Day1Day2Day3Day4Day5Day6Day7 and the complete journey on YouTube Part-1 and Part-2) but I would highly suggest you to keep at least 12 days to complete the valley. Staying at every village for at least a night. Knowing their lifestyle, playing with kids, watching the sun go and moon light up the village. Just absorb as much as you can.

Let me know if you want to know my itinerary!

~Dhankar Gompa~
Monks have the best life & peace of mind.
Grazing in the middle land.

That was all about my Spiti journey; there are many more Spiti journeys to come!

Because coming back to mountains every now and then makes my soul alive. And someday, I will give up on everything in life and wander in the mountains; never stopping; never losing on anything, just exploring and learning.

Until I meet you next time,

Keep wandering, keep wondering!


The textures of every mountain is peculiar!
Into the wild! @Rangrik
~ Camouflaging ~
Can you spot me far beyond?
Snow capped mountains and the mysterious lake!
The mysteries reflecting its own beauty!
~Let’s conquer all our dreams~




5 comments on “Postcards from Spiti Valley”

  1. Hi ! I can see that you have had an amazing journey ! Oh how I wish I could too! It would be great if I could join you the next time you go for a trip. I have literally no one to go with as my parents insist on going with girls!
    Felt great after reading your blog post, very invigorated.
    Thanks 🙂

  2. So beautiful! Thank you for sharing. These photos and your description definitely move Spiti even higher on my list of places to go next time I am in India.

  3. Amazing writing n clicks i also want to be there but….. co traveller issue….

    N again ..good to see great effort by youself……👍

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