My Hair Story

Every part of our body defines our appearance and personality. Everything has its own value and importance.

A change in our hairstyle can change our look completely.

Though I believe that beauty is reflection of soul, yet the reality is appearance of a person leaves the first impression.

Specially for women. Long hair have been a reflection of femininity from primitive time.

Not only girls but boys also like to keep trying new hairstyle and change their appearance.


Losing hair can be a nightmare for anyone. But where we are blessed to be able to grow and nurture our hair, there are some people who aren’t. Apart from chemotherapy of cancer patients, there are long-term medical hair loss like Alopecia and types of it where people permanently lose the ability to grow hair.

What can be a nightmare for us, is a reality for many.


And if we talk about a wig, it is too costly to be afforded by everyone. A natural hair wig costs about 15k.

Many campaigns are running in India to help such people in re-living their beautiful selves and spreading awareness about hair donation.

Hair Donation is a process where people donate  their hair of length as desired by the Organisation. The Organisation then make wigs of it and provide it to people who are in need and are financially weak.

Questions might come up like appearance don’t define us or hair aren’t a definition of beauty, but let me tell you, people who lose their hair to a disease feel demotivated and develop a feeling of self-pity as they know the society might criticize them. To help and motivate such people, I donated my hair.

Inspired from a famous YouTuber –Scherezade Shroff who donated her hair in Dec’2015 ( I went on to make this donation on 31st Dec 2015 so I could start my 2016 with a new me.

Leap from lower back long to shoulder blade hanging  hair didn’t jolt my heart. It rather filled my heart with joy. My small sacrifice can be a reason for someone’s smile!

I donated my hair to “Protect Your Mom” . They ask for at least 15 inches of hair, neatly braided in 3-4 sections so they don’t tangle . And then posted it to the given address :

Father Alex Praikalam, SARGAKSHETRA CULTURAL CENTRE, CMI Ashram, Chethipuzha P.O, Changanassery – 686 104
Mob: +91 9496464118, +91 9496465136

I feel so proud of this deed because giving up long hair is not easy for everyone. Donation gives great joy, feeling of humanity and compassion.

I hope this post will plant a seed of good thought and you also make some donations to make this world a better place.

Happiness multiplies every time you share it! 🙂

If you have any queries regarding the process of Hair Donation, please Click Here  or leave your comment. I would love to help each one of you.

And if you ever donate your hair, don’t forget to tag me in your post. I would love to know it.

Let’s spread happiness. Feel Good!!

Much love,





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  1. Hi,
    Is your hair growing back after the hair cut?
    Did you get a confirmation that your hair was used to make a wig? Did you follow up?
    How did you mail the cropped hair?

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