Keep it casual!

Stylish clothes don’t necessarily have to be expensive designer dresses or business suits. Some women always look effortlessly stylish, even for casual day outs. Wonder how?

I will help you with all the tips & tricks to perfect the casual-chic look and look fabulous all the time.

Buy Classics!

Though it’s a good idea to keep up with the latest fashion trends but you shouldn’t blow your wardrobe budget on trendy clothes that are going to be out of style next week. Instead, invest in classic pieces that can form the foundation of your wardrobe. Must have tanks and tees, two pairs of denim (one dark colored, the other should be light), one high waisted pants, a white slip or shirt, a black turtleneck, ballet flats, tall boots, a scarf, a statement necklace and a neutral mid-size handbag. Buy pieces that are timeless and versatile.

Wear what fits!

Many people look sloppy or tacky because they don’t wear clothes that fit. No matter what is your size, wear clothes that fit properly – skimming the body, not hanging too loose or binding too tight.

Create your own style!

To make your look unforgettable, you need to develop your signature style. You can focus your look on a particular item (like Anna Wintour does with her sunglasses), a specific color, a hairstyle, a type of jewelry, etc. Whatever your focus, your signature style should reflect your personality. It shouldn’t look like you’re wearing a costume or make you look out of your element. Your signature style should be uniquely you.

Don’t over accessorize!

Your style won’t look effortless if you overdo it with accessories. With each outfit, pick one key accessory piece and keep the rest to the minimum. Don’t overdo it with your makeup or hairstyle either. You want to look beautiful and natural, not ultra glam.

Talking about the look I have created for this post. I’m wearing these perfect pair of jeggings, white bralet with a very basic shrug and a statement neckpiece to pump up the look. The look is very casual chic and can be worn to anywhere from day to night.

I hope this post will help you in some or the other way.

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