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When I first started blogging, it was because I always had a crazy love affair with clothes. But it didn’t take me long to realize that I also loved the entire creative process. The photography, the potential for great shoot locations and all of the fun that you can have while showcasing looks. Shoots like this one are the reason why I started blogging in the first place. I swear, it wasn’t for the sponsorships or the gifted items, it was for the simple fact that I could create beautiful images and use my creativity to shine light on what I wear and love.

Today’s post is all about loving life like a child and beautifying it like a flower.

Recall that time when you cared about vibrant colors and fragrance of flowers much more than their names and price?

How great it was going out, running around and not feeling a bit of exhaustion!

Free as the birds, flowy as the water, adamant as a tree, merry as a sunrise.

You were a free spirit who sprinkled happiness all around with just a giggle.You were an epitome of sanctity, the world was afraid of hurting your feelings.

So what changed when you grew up?
You are still a free spirit.
A smile as beautiful as a peacock.. A heart as vast as the sky..

There must have been a time when you gave a flower to someone or someone gave a flower to you. Do you remember that feeling?

How happy you felt when you presented your feelings with a gesture and made your world happier. But what made you strong and cold as hills?
Beauty from afar, danger from near?

You didn’t change.
You are still the same.
The world around you changed its way towards you.

For this look, I’m wearing A little black dress with pleats and flare. And this beautifully crafted Tiara made of roses, orchids & yellow tulips are the highlight of this look. Floral headbands, hand bands, neck bands or just a flower on your ear.. they make you feel confident and you know you look pretty.

That is the magic of nature, it beautifies everything it touch.

Go and seek that flower child within you. Peaceful and loving, but flawed.

Live wild♥

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