Want To Travel Eco-Friendly? Follow These Tips

From local bodies to the UN, various authorities around the globe are trying to raising awareness about the environmental emergency. It is the need of the hour to awaken our social conscience and live an eco-friendly life.

Being a frequent traveller and running to and from cities, I realized that it is not at all difficult to maintain an ecological lifestyle. It not only helps in improving the world but keeps one healthy too!

Now, the good thing about today is that our generation is ready to mend ways for a better world. So, here are my quick tips to make your travels eco-friendly! You can follow these in day-to-day life too, and do your bit. 🙂

1. Carry A Water Bottle

A 500-750 ml bottle is something people usually carry to their school, college and offices too. So similarly, pick one and keep it in your travel bag as well.

If you’re worried about increasing the weight of the bag, fill just quarter or half of the bottle and refill whenever you can! This will, slowly but significantly, decrease the single-use plastic bottles from the market and the ocean will thank you. 💕

2. Sneak in a Tote Bag

Wherever you go, sneak a foldable tote bag along. It’ll help you avoid the plastic bags when you shop local.

Because let’s face it, tons of plastic is already ruining the earth and I am sure you wouldn’t want to add to it.

3. Squeeze into Public Transport

Your one-stop opportunity for interacting with the locals lies in public transport! Almost every country across the globe has one or the other means of making local travel easy – opt for it.

Doing so might be a little uncomfortable, but certainly is light on your pocket and environment-friendly too.

4. Ditch the Sky

A one-way flight from Delhi to Kolkata emits 180kg CO2e per person. Whereas, a train journey for the same emits 10kg CO2e. If you choose the latter, you alone decrease the emission drastically!

Trains/bus certainly consume more time but are comparatively cheap and eco-friendly. If you happen to cover a short distance, avoid the emission. If you happen to have time at hand, avoid the emission.

5. Give Up Packaged Food

I understand your urge to pick a packet of chips whenever you go on a trip, but if you control such whims, imagine the decrease in one-time plastic.

All the unhealthy items like toffees, chocolates, wafers, cold drinks, etc have shiny plastic wrappers which we are tempted to buy. Avoiding these, again, saves money, your health and the planet, alike.

If you have the urge, buy canned cold drinks, go to local shops and get loose chips in a paper bag (do same for the cookies), buy chocolate that has disposable covering. Find the alternatives, there are plenty!

6. Make Yourself at Home

It’s better to couch surf or find a local homestay, but if you happen to book a hotel room, make sure you consider it your home.

Paying for a room doesn’t mean you should leave the water taps open or don’t turn off the light and AC when not in use. Be responsible and keep your room as at home.

7. Your Utility Pouch

Carry a small pouch with basic toiletries such as a refillable bottle of shampoo, conditioners, body wash and lotion each, a tube of toothpaste, your toothbrush, a comb, etc.

The little ones provided to you in hotels are an environmental hazard as they have plentiful one-time plastic. With your own kit, you might return the amenities to hotel staff and ask them to opt for an alternative, ecological means.

8. Track the Trail

While hiking, make sure you follow the trail. You might feel like exploring by going off-track, but its repercussion is faced by the environment.

First, you disturb the animals as you venture into their territory and second, your act my trample protected or endangered plants. So, stay on the path laid out.

9. Propagate & Educate

A spark starts the fire. Now that you’ve started making little changes in your lifestyle and travel plans, ensure that those around you are also opting for eco-friendly means.

Educate your circle and propagate about the dire need for change. We together, step by step, can limit the colossal damage that our mother earth is bearing.

If I have missed some points which you think should be mentioned in this article, do ping me.

Until then, keep travelling in a sustainable way!

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