Basar Confluence: 10 Reasons Why You Must Attend

Basar Confluence a.k.a. BasCon is a confluence of conservation — environment, art, tradition and culture. Located in the heart of Arunachal Pradesh, Basar is a safely kept secret of massive jungles, pristine waterfalls and the traditions of Galo Tribe.

I was honoured to witness all of it last year and Basar Confluence aka BasCon 4.0 is here to make your December 2019 memorable!

These are the reasons why you must attend BasCon 4.0 –

Lost in Wilderness of Basar

1. Meet Yourself

You always seek a getaway to have some quiet time with yourself, right? Walk in the lush forests of Basar and realize what a tiny speck of dust we are in the universe. Meet the locals and find the true meaning of happiness. Learn to love and find your true self in the eyes of others.

Trust me, Basar is beyond gorgeousness <3

2. Away From The Rush

This confluence is not your regular festival with hoards of people bumping into one another. Yes, you’ll find people from around the country but there won’t be any rush. It is all pleasant in this quaint town of peace.

A quaint village of Basar

3. Joyous Journey

Not only you’ll fall in love with the vista surrounding Basar; you’ll immeasurably love the journey too. It trespasses through corridors of rhododendrons and pines with slides on the curves of Aruna Mountains – the place where the sun rises.

Authentic, Eco-Friendly and Plastic-Free Town

4. Sustainable Ways To Celebrate Life

One of the best things about Basar Confluence is that you don’t find single-use plastic anywhere. Every disposal item is made of bamboo and it all is so natural, so authentic, so enigmatic – not any ‘let’s ruin earth’ festivities.

A day hike to a high point of Basar

5. Minimum Expenditure, Maximum Fun

Basar has no 5-star hotels, no high-fi restaurants.. Basically, it has nothing fancy to make you spend thousands. All the necessities would be available at a reasonable cost and over that, unlimited fun would be guaranteed! Think about doing fish farming, exploring bat caves, climbing to sunset points! That’s free fun!

Mega Dance performed by locals of Basar at Basar Confluence 3.0

6. Community Festival To Push Local Economy

The best thing is that Basar Confluence is a community festival. It is organised by the locals and they directly benefit from it. This helps in pushing the local economy and helps the people live better.

Better than that is the fact that when locals organize, they make sure you don’t pollute the surroundings. Good, no?

One with the Galo Women

7. Acquaint With The Galo Tribe

Another good thing about this confluence is that you get to associate with the Galo Tribe. People organising the whole festival belong to this tribe so you are always surrounded by them.

You get to learn the Galo lifestyle, pick a word or two of their language, observe their eating habits and lots more!

A typical Vegetarian Galo Platter

8. Surprise Your Tastebuds

Manifested in the Eastern-most state of the country, the food you’ll savour in Basar would be different than any kind of delicacy you’ve had before, I assure!

If you’re a non-vegetarian, then there are plentiful dishes you can try out every day. If you are a vegetarian or vegan, then maybe the variety won’t be as dense, but you’ll taste different items, surely.

A Galo lady serving me Poka

9. Resolution: Poka For Life

Poka, the local beer. I used to lick to the last drop of my glass when I was in Basar. Throughout the year I had been waiting for the confluence so I can go back and resume my daily dose of Poka again.

Poka is life! You’ll love its amalgamation of the sweet and sour taste.

I have been to Basar about 5 times already, and I am still not done!

10. Come Back For More

There’s so much that I’ve told you about Basar, yet when you visit it, its beauty would be more than this. The festival is growing every year – in its ways, organization, activities, gathering and what not!

And all this is happening without harming nature or changing its ways.

So what are you waiting for? Book your seats and meet me at the Basar Confluence 4.0!! Drop a comment if you have any questions.

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  1. Thank you for the beautiful review of the Basar Confluence. Would love to see you again holding Poka in Udu(Bamboo glass)😊.
    This time it will be much more! Community fishing! Long trek to the jungles! Many more…

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