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I told you guys to ask me anything on my Instagram! Well, these are the question, in the order as asked.

How many tattoos do you have and what do they mean?

I have 6 tattoos and all of them posses power, uniqueness & freedom. One is a feather with birds, a trident with rudraksh, a snowflake, a diamond, two glyphs; challenge and a seeing eye.

What is the best feeling for you when you reach the top of a mountain?

The feeling of accomplishment, learning and the view of-course 🙂

How should we convince our parents for solo travelling specially being a girl solo traveller?

Gain their trust by being independent and truthful. There is no other way to convince them. Tell them that you can do this because you are strong and can take care of yourself, and don’t just say it, mean it.

What will be the new normal in your mind?

Um, I guess, a world which will start to think about the environment finally, just hopeful. Specially the industrialists!!!

What about Kerala?

I am writing a blog about it very soon, and how desperately I wish to visit.

Your height?

5 ft complete. I am quite short, but it doesn’t bother me anymore.

Which trek would you plan after lockdown?

I will go to Bada Bangaal, Kinner Kailash, Miyar Valley

Which place would you suggest in Uttarakhand for someone going for the first time?

Harsil and Almora

How did you open your backpackers hostel?

I rented the house and then turned it into a hostel eventually. It wasn’t a planned decision.

Live with me on travel talk?

Not too sure, but I will see if I want to 🙂

Ever done trekking in Sahyadri?

Not yet, I really wish to visit and be lost in the beauty of Sahyadri.

How can anyone work with you?

As of now there is no way, I do everything on my own.

Do graduation courses play an important role in deciding career?

It depends on what you want to be, ultimately. Graduation is highly recommended as per my experience, it gives you the right kind of exposure in your field of interest and in general too. You learn a lot of things along the way.

How to start to travel vlogging like you? I saw your content lately and loved it.

Just start! That’s literally how I did it. Follow you heart, it knows the way 🙂

Do you manage all your social media content by yourself?

Yep. I am a one-woman army. I write, click and edit on my own. I recently got a business manager and my sister helps me with a few things.

I love your hair bands, where did you get them from?

Haha, I swear they are all DIY. Some are made out rags, some are made out of old T-shirts. It is just if I like the pattern and colour, I will make a headband out of it. Simple and free. Lol!

How did you get the idea of starting your own hostel? Challenges you faced?

I shifted to the mountains with a hope to heal my injured knee, eventually turning my house into the hostel. Initially a local friend was helping me plan, but then I did everything on my own. The biggest challenge was to get water, electricity and toilets sorted. Else all was easy for me.

Ever got heartbroken?

Yep once, and that was ever the end of it all.

Aapse milna hai, or bahut kuch sikhna hai aapse

Jarur milenge kabhi na kabhi 🙂

Which software do you use to edit your photos and videos?

Lightroom and Snapseed for Photos and Premiere Pro for Videos

What keeps you motivated?

My sweet, little goals everyday keep me motivated.

After lockdown, where are you gonna head to?

I will go back home and settle for a week or two 🙂

How do you always smile in so much negativity around?

Well to be honest, Smile gives us the hope to stand strong even in these hard times. Smile and let the negativity go!

How did you manage to operate your own hostel in Manali?

It was my home first, I lived there and renovated it, and just managed it the way I would manage a home. A lot of my friends helped me with daily errands. It is a home for everyone, so there are no fancy demands from people, which makes it easier for me.

Are you a military brat?

Nope, I wish I was though!

How is your life looks so simple?

Because I keep it raw and nothing is fancy, people can relate to my life. Maybe that’s why? 😀

Are you happy?

Yep, I am. There are bad days every now and then due to this lock down but all well otherwise 🙂

Why do you always smile?

Because I have always been a happy-wild child. I love to spread happy vibes around 🙂

Where do you live and can you talk in one of my vlog?

Delhi NCR/Manali. I am a shy human and camera conscious too 😀

How do you break the family stereotypes and became a free traveller?

I have always been a free spirit. I can never be caged, so when I got the right time to fly, I convinced my parents (easily) and took off!

Why Manali for a house? Who financed it?

Well, because I had been there many times and it always felt like home to me, I felt connected. I did everything on my own, just for a couple of months after I exhausted my savings, my parents had to support me financially.

Why so beautiful?

Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder 🙂

How happy & satisfied are you?

I am really happy and satisfied with my life at the moment, I just don’t feel too happy about the current situation of the World. The worst part is we can’t really do or help much.

How you keep your mind active in creating content in this time?

I struggle every day but I promised myself to become a stronger and better person by the time lockdown ends. That pushes me to work each day 🙂

If you are allowed to choose only one thing for the rest of your life, what would you choose? Your own family or Travelling?

Travelling. I will be selfish here, because I can’t really be caged. I am naturally a wild human, and I feel suffocated when I am not left free with nature.

Are you going to travel for whole life?

Yes, the purpose will change after a point for my travels, perhaps I will travel for the rest of my life.

When did you start travelling? Was it a spontaneous decision?

I started travelling extensively just after quitting my job. It wasn’t really a planned decision neither a spontaneous though. I wanted to travel but I never knew I could do this full time. Initially I struggled to earn every penny, eventually started enjoying the hardships and took long backpacking trips one after the other to reach where I am right now. 🙂

What are your life goals?

I want to save mother Earth, climb Mount Everest, travel across the globe with my dogs and yes, be happy with whatever I have 🙂

Do you like cooking?

I love slow-cooking. I like experimenting with my taste.

How does travel helps to lead the life in the way you like?

Since I travel solo (most of the time), I get to learn, fall, shine and repeat. There is no book that can teach you better than travelling. Plus, it lets me be myself without any societal pressure or any judgments.

Did you do graduation?

Yep, I did BSc in Fashion Technology.

How do you manage your travel expenses?

I minimize my expenses to almost nil. I have become a minimalist over the years, I can re-use each and everything, eat plain, put extra efforts to reach somewhere by local transport and I refrain to use any luxuries whatsoever. Whatever I have is either 2-3 years old or gifted by a brand hahah.

Hence, even when I make little, I am easily able to manage my travel expenses. Travel isn’t expensive if you dig deeper.

Your favourite place?

Spiti Valley is love for me. If I’d ever wish to settle, this will be my place 🙂

When did you start driving?

I started driving when I was 19 years old!

Something no one knows about you?

I hate onions hahaha!

That’s about it for this #AskMeAnything , I am sorry that I couldn’t take all the questions.

I will surely do another one very soon 🙂 I hope you know me a little Now 🙂

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