All Black ♥ 1.0

“Women think of all colors except the absence of color. I have said that black has it all. Its beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony.” –Coco Chanel

Black always wins? Isn’t it? Colors can give your wardrobe a lift but there is still something mysterious about blacks. Black is elegant, timeless, goth, classy and chic. It is slimming and it looks good on all skin tones. It looks as good on women as it does on men.  However, Black can also be boring because it can take away from your personal style and appear to be too safe of a fashion choice- it all depends on how you wear it. But if you keep these rules (read the full post) in mind while dressing all black then I can assure, you will reach maximum fashionista appeal.

  1. Make sure the fabrics and textures vary. It will look dowdier if you wear all black outfit that is all cotton or silk or any! Every black fabric will have different texture that can affect the way they look and feel on you. Always experiment and create the ideal black outfit.
  2. Fabric selection should be season appropriate. Like, Silk and linen make it easier to pull off the all black look during summers. While, Wool and leather will look fabulous in fall and winter but out of place for warmer months.
  3. Black is slimming. If you’re already slim, try avoiding fitted clothes and rather wear loose fit. But if you’re on healthier side, then try wearing fitted and flattering inside of shapeless and drab.
  4. Play with patterns or motifs for visual variety. Try using any which incorporate little colors to add contrast and variation to the look.
  5. Add up accessories. Bold and statement jewelry can jazz up any outfit. Try adding them little but interestingly. Don’t use too much of colors while accessorizing as it may dampen the All black’s striking effect.
  6. Change of lip color can pull off your All black outfit from day to night seamlessly. Go from day with a subtle tone (Light pink or Nudes) to night with bold colors (Deep Red or Pink).
  7. Wear footwear accordingly. Just don’t add too much of color to the whole look. To maintain it, wear colored footwear if you haven’t added any colorful accessory or print, else go with neutrals and you are good to rock!


Talking about the look I’ve created, it is super cute and sporty. I have worn a knit sweater that has an adorable penguin embroidered on it, which adds perfect amount of contrast and makes the look interesting. For bottoms, I wore a skater skirt that goes with anything and everything. I love this skirt for obvious reasons; one is comfort and the other is fabric. Both, the knit sweater and skater skirt are loose fit and perfect for day out or brunch with friends keeping it cute and fun. For footwear, I kept the cute and fun feel of the look and worn sneakers which are super comfortable.

Knit Sweater : Sarojini Nagar ( Top-shop) ; Skater Skirt : Forever 21 ; Sneakers : AliExpress

I hope the tips and look on how to put together All Black was helpful. Do leave a comment down below on how you like it & make sure if you ever recreate the look, don’t forget to tag me or send me your pictures on Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat @itisinthename ♥

That’s all about it!! Have an amazing time until next post.

Stay Tuned :*

Love, प्रकृति



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