5 Things You Will Always Find In My Travel Bag

Me & my bag

I was never really certain what things are a part of my ‘let’s pack and hit the road’ list. After being asked about my top travel essentials, I compiled a few lists I had made in past and tallied them. I could pick 5 things that are always in my bag, things without which my journeys are incomplete.

Here are those 5 things you will always find in my travel bag –

1. Pepper Spray

Yes, pepper spray. I, from the very beginning, have stressed that India is a safe country for women to travel solo. You would have noticed that I also stress on the fact that we, women, need to be alert and use our conscience.
My pepper spray is always in the side pocket of the bag so I can easily use it whenever in need.

2. Hand Sanitizer

Having been to places with dry toilets and no water supply at all, I very well know the importance of hand sanitizers. Usually kept next to the pepper spray, my compact hand sanitizer eases maintaining hygiene during hectic travels.

3. Notebook & Pen

I may or may not carry a book in my bag, but a small notebook or diary is always by my side. It helps me keep a check on the meagre expense. Not to mention, I obviously need a pen to write everything.

Apart from bills, I use my notebook to write mountain notes. I think my journeys would be incomplete without them.

4. Water Bottle

The basic necessity of life, water, would prove to be super costly if I start purchasing one-time-use water bottles (also, creating heap loads of plastics) (Rs.20/litre) instead of carrying a durable one myself. I always fill my bottle half which keeps the weight light and helps me remain hydrated on the go. 😉

5. Lip balm

My travel plans usually being of mountain regions with dry weather require me to make Lip Balm a must-have on the list. Dry skin, chapped lips, cracked fingertips – all this can be cured with one tiny case of flavoured lip balm.

That’s my list. Share with me your travel essentials! I may get to add something to my list. 😉

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