5 Casual Ways To Wear A White Slip

Hello people, I’m back with another post, you probably know what is it about (title says it all)! But let me tell you once again; it is about how you can wear a plain white slip in 5 casual ways!

For all those who might not know what a slip is, it is a women’s under-shirt, worn beneath any dress or skirt to help it hang smoothly and to prevent show through.

You must be wondering why would you wear a slip anyway as your main garment. Let me tell you being a girl and finding a new outfit daily is not an easy task at all. So why not we use that one thing we all have & stay tension free for 5 days at least. You all have a white slip, right? (A must in every girl’s wardrobe) How about if we style it into 5 casual outfits? Lets start then!

1. Go with the flow!

I’m talking about a flared skirt. Pair the white slip with a flared skirt of any color or print you love or probably have one. Add a long chain and you are good to rock it.




2.Funk it up!

I’m sure you all have at least one pair of funky shorts, if not then you should have one. So for this, you can wear a colorful shorts with your white slip & you are good to have a sassy yet comfy look!



3. Joggers Love 

I just love this one. So comfortable yet stylish. Get this look by just wearing a cool and comfortable joggers. Rock this outfit anywhere you want, it’s so trendy!




4.  Keep it simple!

Wear your favorite high waist pants with a printed scarf to style it up. This look is best for those days when you don’t want to dress too much.



5. Overall fun!

Rock your dungarees with your basic white slip. They are best to pair up and looks chic together.


I hope you all love the post. Don’t forget to comment down below. I would love to have feedback. And if any of you try any style, then don’t forget to share your pics with me. I would love to see them.

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